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CNC Milling Machines are widely used in manufacturing sector. It is
mandatorily to teach the technology in Polytechnic and engineering colleges. But
the problem is to afford same machines for education. Even if educational
institution poses such machines, every student is not having hands-on experience.
This DIY CNC machine will be a good alternative for expensive machines.
Because of Open Source tools, this CNC can be developed 5% of basic
commercial product in the market. And also, each student can have their working
experience with CNC machines individually.

This document is partly influenced by the wiki pages of Zee tool sand the
document briefs about building of DIY CNC Milling machine with Open Source
software. Anyone can build this CNC machine with help of this manual. Raw
material used for Machine body in this document is PVC plastic sheets of 8mm.
Each part is listed with its design details for fabrication. Few OEM products are
also used such as guide rod, linear bearings, couplers, etc. Standard electronics
parts like stepper driver, controller board, Power supply, emergency switches are
standardly chosen for their easy availability in market.
Click here to Download DIY Manual
CNC Milling Machine

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