CNC LASER Engraving Machine

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Getting started with CNC LASER Engraving Machine:

This post gives step by step procedure to use  CNC LASER Engraving Machine and install Laser Grbl Software, Universal G code sender and perform engraving operation with CNC Laser machine.


Workpiece materials:  Wood, Card board.

Laser Specification:  HCDBSADA2_5AMP (0-2.5 Amps)

Bed size:   745*480 mm

Material:  PVC Frame.

Required Software:

Laser GRBL


Grbl hex is available in the GitHub site:

  • Download the zip format and extract the bundle. Inside you will find a list of build files, header files and examples for Ardui
  • Burn the Grbl code into Arduino Uno Using Xloader.
  • Download Xloader from this link:

Universal G Code Sender

Click here to Download DIY Manual
CNC Laser handout

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