Teaching Learning Centres

The Scheme of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching is the culmination of the Government of India’s efforts in launching a comprehensive umbrella scheme aimed at improving the quality of education at all levels by infusing quality and excellence in our teachers and teaching. Teachers are the backbone and the core of the education system. TLCs are one of the components of PMMMNMTT schme.

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Vision of TLCs

  • To accelerate the teaching-learning process by way of promoting independent, critical and creative thinking.
  •  To handhold the teaching community in facilitating research for subject-specific growth.
  •  To enable the development of skills engaging latest technological devices as aids to the teaching-learning process.
  •  To help faculty in capacity building for curriculum designing and scientific assessment and evaluation.
  • To develop innovative programs that will strengthen the inclusive nature of higher education by bringing the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society.


  • To develop a discipline-specific curricular framework and evaluation methods for incorporation into workshops and short-term professional development programs.
  •  To outline and recommend pedagogy and schemes of assessment appropriate for the curricular framework.
  •  To develop learning materials, including textbooks and handbooks, and to organize their translation into regional languages.
  • To be the repositories of resources, including reference services and electronic databases, for promoting research on issues relating to teaching and learning practices.
  •  TLC should conduct a short run to medium run (3 weeks) and long-run (3-6 months) rigorous pre-induction programs for the new-entrants.


The present system focuses only on the domain (subject) knowledge of the teachers. It does not focus on the importance of the teaching-learning process, pedagogical content, and its various tools which are very vital to increase the quality of learning experience in the different educational programs. The focus on the teaching-learning process will engage teachers towards the student’s concern, attention and interest. This will make the educational program more meaningful and socially relevant. Proposed TLCs assume importance in the context of learner-centered approaches, ICT integrated learning, and recent researches in new pedagogic approaches to teaching and learning in higher education. The curricular reforms in universities and colleges in the context of interdisciplinarity and applied approaches to knowledge have become necessary. The evaluation process needs to be made more scientific to encourage the development of multiple skills of students. Indian universities suffer from poor ranking in the global scenario. An important reason for the poor ranking is the low capacity of teachers in effective teaching-learning and research. TLCs will help the universities to improve their ranking by performing better in a highly competitive situation and may enable the nation to emerge as a global leader in education.

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