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Core Activities and Pedagogy of MMTTC at IIITDM Kancheepuram

We specialize in Project-Based Learning pedagogy

MMTTC at IIITDM Kancheepuram specializes in Project-based learning (PBL) an instructional approach that belongs to the epistemological paradigm of social constructivism. Constructivist instruction, especially that which is based on design tasks or problem-solving, places high demands on the teacher’s subject-matter understanding. The teacher must not only be familiar with the principles underlying a topic of study but must also be prepared for the variety of ways these principles can be explored. TLC offers the opportunity for teachers in higher/school education to be prepared for adopting PBL in their teaching-learning process. 

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Affordable Manufacturing Education

Open Source, Do-It-Yourself, Affordable Edutech Development

TLC specializes in providing resources for building affordable education technologies for use in practice/vocational courses in higher/school education as per the new National  Educational Policy (NEP 2020)

Using the sophisticated makerspace available with TLC, teachers can build educational technologies viz, low-cost open-source DIY machines for teaching.

We have a team of engineers to develop open-source machines/software/tools that could be used by teachers substituting extremely expensive imported equipment.

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Programs of TLC

Faculty Externships/Workshops/Training/Induction Programs

TLC offers structured one, two, three, four, and five days workshops/training for open source technology development for faculty and students. 

  1. TLC conducts on-demand and periodic workshops for engineering colleges, polytechnics, ITIs, and school teachers.
  2. TLC conducts faculty induction training programs for newly joined faculty for onboarding them to the teaching-learning process.

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We offer a one-day or half-day visit by students and faculty to expose them to facilities available with the maker space. In the first session, guided exposure to Project-based learning will be offered and in the second session, a guided tour of the facility will be arranged. 

We also engage faculty/student visitors from various colleges to spend a longer duration as visitors in maker space to develop instructional modules for the practice course. 

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Product Development support to Edupreneurs

Edupreneurs are usually mission-driven and they engage constructively building new education organizations and businesses, developing the latest edtech tools, developing e-content, developing MOOC courses. 

  1. We provide access to our makerspace for edupreneurs developing laboratory edutech for use in the teaching-learning process
  2. The makerspace houses an excellent facility for developing prototypes and proofs-of-concept for educational aids/tools/equipment
  3. TLC houses three studios for educational media content preparation namely, MOOC studio, immersive classroom recording studio, and mixed reality studio and are open for edupreneurs. 

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